At the Eating Disorder Center of Denver, we have a home, called our Connections House with space available for 13 of our female patients, to live, while they are in our PHP level of care. This house provides a warm, supervised and tranquil setting in a beautiful park-like neighborhood location. 

Connections House is located approximately 3 miles from our treatment center and patients staying at the house receive complimentary transportation, from the house staff, to and from treatment each day. Being off-site from our treatment center, provides a nice transition for patients to end the treatment day and go home to practicing skills, while still receiving the support of the house staff.

Our house staff is comprised of Bachelor’s and Master’s Level therapists. They supervise patients throughout the evening hours and overnight hours (staff stays awake all night in case patients are struggling during the night) to provide patients with the reassurance that their clinical experience will be successful. The supportive setting provides an environment where patients can connect and build strong relationships on their way to recovery. We value the power and effectiveness of living in a supportive recovery-focused community setting.

The house staff at Connections House is an integral part of our team at EDC Denver. They communicate with the treatment team daily; the House Manager attends clinical meetings at the treatment center as well as during the evening and overnight hours. In addition, the house staff has 24/7 access to our on-call physicians and specialists. 

Finally, Connections House is affordable. We keep the cost to stay at the house minimal, and can work with patients on a sliding scale fee. We believe that the cost of housing should never be a barrier to treatment. Please contact our Admissions Clinicians for more information, including housing costs, at (866) 771-0861.